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We feel like there hasn’t ever been a better time to start learning about the sport of golf. You’ve made it this far, so we’re guessing that perhaps you feel the same. By its very nature, golf is well suited for the social-distancing world we now inhabit — it’s a sport played across a huge outdoor space, it’s a worthy source of exercise, and it’s a wonderful diversion for the mind.

Golf’s Popularity In America

Close to one in nine people in America are active golfers — whether that involves hitting balls at a range, playing rounds on a golf course, or swinging and socializing at golf and entertainment venues such as Topgolf or BigShots Golf. That means that more people played golf in one form or another last year than participated in skiing, soccer, tennis, baseball, or basketball!

In addition to the above-mentioned active participants, there were close to another 70 million Americans who connected with golf in 2021 in a somewhat more passive way in 2021 — following personalities or brands on social media, reading about the game, or streaming or watching tournaments.

U.S. sports participation NGF
Graphic copyright National Golf Foundation

Common Golf Etiquette

Golf is a major, competitive sport that can be played at the professional level. So of course there are many well-defined rules to the game. Unlike many other sports, though, there exists a group of general guidelines that won’t be found in an official golf rule book. Those guidelines have to do with etiquette — guidelines that are expected to be followed while playing at any golf course.

  • Avoid any and all angry outbursts
  • If being followed by a group of golfers playing faster, consider allowing that group go ahead of your at the next hole
  • Wait for the group ahead of you to finish and exit the green before hitting your tee shot
  • Don’t pass through a fellow golfer’s line — the line from that golfer’s ball to the hole
  • Don’t engage in conversation during another golfer’s backswing

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